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VFD Triol AT24 LE

Triol AT24 LE

Elevator Variable Frequency Drive

Variable Frequency Drive Triol АТ24 LE

This special solution, which provides safe and reliable operation of elevator equipment, has advanced functionality for modern elevators.


Variable Frequency Drivers are designed for control of synchronous and asynchronous, reduction, and reduction-free hoisting winches.


It is divided depending on power - 4 kW ... 30 kW and rated mains voltage - 380 ... 480 V.

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  • certif triol
    ISO 9001:2015
  • certif triol
    EN 61140
  • certif triol

विशिष्ट लाभ


  • smooth start and stop achieved by speed calculation algorithms
  • jerking removal and discomfort by the controller setpoint speed
  • 15 speed levels to meet required ride mode
  • cabin-to-floor stop accuracy within +/-0.1 in
  • high-resolution and auto adjustable speed calculation with 0.01-0.5Hz frequency


  • brake and braking resistor monitoring
  • continuous monitoring of the power circuit’s integrity connected to the VFD
  • PCB’s coating for any environments
  • rescue mode: VFD operates with UPS while passengers are leaving the cabin
  • safe torque off (STO)
  • anti-rollback function and auto pre-torque


  • meet the best energy efficiency
  • efficient operation with all types of motors with lower power consumption due to Triol designed vector mode
  • cooling fans run only when it’s necessary
  • low power standby

Easy setup

  • VFD integration into any type of control systems
  • easy installation and VFD adjustment within 10-60 minutes
  • remote/off-line settings and further drive programming
  • built-in Wi-Fi module and PC connector allows to set up the drive by smartphone or PC
  • Triol Keypad with LCD display and macros to do VFD settings


  • Triol offers the most competitive prices
  • approved credit line to support business opportunity
  • the discount policy allows your whole package proposal to win price competition

Innovate your elevator customization

Triol product

Compatibility and ease of transferring the settings of the Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT24 LE

To simplify scaling-shelf solutions for setting up VFD with the remote control and the implementation of Wi-Fi settings, there is a backup mechanism with a VFD to another.

There is also specialized software packages that allow you to transfer settings via a stationary PC.

Setting up equipment using a smartphone, pad or PC

The variable frequency drive is equipped with a Wi-Fi unit, which contains a convenient option for setting up via a mobile phone or pad - Wi-Fi Wizard AT24.

A specially designed tuning mechanism will shorten the start-up time of the drive as much as possible and make it more transparent and accessible.



Applicable with Elevators


Applicable with Escalator