Triol Corporation Service

Complete system of specialized activities that focuses on providing outstanding services for our Customers. Being a “full production cycle” manufacturer enables us to control each and every stage of product development, building a strong team of professionals who know how it’s done!

We offer the following services

  • Development of technical documentation for users
  • Staff training
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing of Spare Parts
  • Product Support Services
  • Online customer support
  • Willingness to share experiences
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Quick contact with the service!

Qualified specialists and quick troubleshooting!

Individual approach to each client!

Online support!

Worldwide support!

Training Programs

Trainings & Training programms


Training program for Variable Speed Drive users

Implementation of Triol AK06 VSD products includes:

  • Operation concept of Triol VSDs  
  • VSDs functional features  
  • VSD software features  
  • VSD commissioning and start-up
  • VSD maintenance

Training program for Downhole Measuring System users

Implementation of Downhole Measuring System Triol TM01 consists of:

  • Operation concept of Triol TM01  
  • TM01 functional features  
  • TM01 commissioning and start-up
  • TM01 maintenance

Service team

contact Nikolay Onishchenko triolcorp

Nikolay Onishchenko

Technical Support Engineer

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contact Denis Burlutskyi triolcorp

Denis Burlutskyi

Technical Support Engineer

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contact Sergii Kostiuk triolcorp

Sergii Kostiuk

Technical Support Engineer

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contact Yevhen Kalinin triolcorp

Yevhen Kalinin

Technical Support Engineer

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